Coming Soon: Canine Therapy Pool!


An underwater treadmill is just as one would imagine, a treadmill that is in a tank with an adjustable level of water at a comfortable 85 degrees.  The water provides buoyancy and allows the animal to have a workout without impact on the joints.  It also provides a great deal of resistance and helps tremendously with strength and stamina.  The resistance also can help to increase joint range of motion and muscle extensibility because the water will push each limb a little farther then it may normally go at the end of the swing phase of each step.  The treadmill is also an important tool in retraining the gait pattern in dogs who have experienced a neurologic injury.  The hydrostatic pressure of water has a therapeutic affect increasing circulation, reducing swelling or edema and encouraging healing.  For the chunky monkeys out there, the dogs with a never ending supply of energy, or the working dog, the underwater treadmill is a great tool for improving or maintaining fitness, especially in the winter months when it is easy to become a couch potato.